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A small peek into Anthem

A small peek into Anthem

BioWare developers downed while the last one tries to avoid the angry mob backlash and revive others

I think a lot of expectations have been set onto Anthem . Most of those expectations have been either on the content the game provides, the story elements of that content, or just simply an overall feeling that the game should have been much more than what we obtained.

There are some complaints about the game repetitiveness. I’m actually shocked people are complaining about repetitive content in a shooter looter. Most Destiny/Warframe/Borderlands fans should know that you may be running the same instances over and over to achieve better loot results. The latter not being always the case. Anthem is a shooter looter at the very core of it. It doesn’t even attempt to hide the fact that it is. The fact that people are complaining about repetitiveness makes me wonder if people know what they are getting into.

Onto why I’ve decided to purchase Anthem mostly boils down that part of me still trusts BioWare as a company. I think a lot of polish has gone into the gameplay itself.

I’ve said so on my Twitter account, and I say it here on my website. I genuinely like Anthem in a lot of ways. It has the markings of a good game, and yet I also feel Anthem should have been delayed and left in the oven for much longer. Then again these days that’s how I feel about EA games. Whether EA has been pushing them for release or not we simply don’t have the means to find out.

I want to give this a fair shake. Hopefully in a not so distant future I’ll write my final thoughts and review of Anthem. The only thing that worries me is the content. I believe in March we should be receiving a content patch release.

Anyhow, if you enjoy the game. Good for you, my dood, there’s a lot of noise and most of it is not as coherent as one would think.